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Charleston, South Carolina

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality in Charleston, and you'll see them everywhere from doorknockers to fountains. Back in the 1600s, captains would place pineapples on their front porches to let guests know they were back from a voyage.

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Local Activities

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Golf in Charleston
Boneyard Beach Sunrise Expedition
Kayak the Saltwater Marshes
Sunset Schooner Boat Ride out of Charleston Harbor

Unique Venues

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Charleston Princess Cruise

Group Restaurants

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82 Queen
Halls Chophouse
Oyster House

Why bring your group to Charleston for their next corporate meeting or event?

Charleston offers all the southern charm and hospitality that South Carolina is so well known for. The beautiful cobblestone streets are flanked by well-manicured gardens, grand historical mansions, and stunning churches that are a true testament to the solid down-home charm of this city.

Approximate direct travel times to Charleston from major US airports are:

  • Atlanta, GA: 1 hr, 10 mins.
  • JFK, New York City: 2 hrs, 25 mins.
  • Los Angeles, CA : 4 hrs, 25. mins.
  • Chicago, IL: 2hrs, 10 mins.

Approximate travel time to downtown Charleston from the airport is around 20 minutes.