Freshen up your corporate events in Palm Springs with local expertise and new meeting planning tools

Palm Springs, California

With 355 days of sunshine each year, Palm Springs really does know how to brighten up a corporate event. It's truly an oasis in the middle of a desert with gorgeous scenery, plenty to do, and incredible spaces built with meetings in mind. The sunny climate and mild winters have really put Palm Springs on the map for year-round destinations, and we're sure your group will love a palm-tree-studded meeting destination.

Right from your flight's landing, you'll notice things are different in Palm Springs. The international airport features open-air walkways, custom art and water features to welcome you to the land of relaxation. Plus, the dozens of nonstop flights and hundreds of connections to Palm Springs help you get here with a lot less hassle. Combine that with modern meeting facilities, more than 100 golf courses, and the most swimming pools per capita in the U.S. and you've just found a destination that will inspire and invigorate your group.

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Meeting planning, reinvented

We love everything about Palm Springs, and we want to make this great destination more accessible to our clients. We've been doing destination management for decades and we've put that experience to good use developing a whole new way to plan meetings. We thought it was high time meeting planning was modernized and we've finally developed the meeting planning tool you didn't know you needed — and now won't be able to live without.

Meet Request Builder. Our online planning tool isn't like anything else in the business. It lets you explore Palm Springs (and dozens of other destinations, too!) right from your computer or mobile device and without any of the cold phone calls and email waiting games. We've compiled our best Palm Springs knowledge and put it all on Request Builder for you to peruse without any obligation. Seriously — we don't even ask for your email address to let you access the tool. We believe good meetings are planned in a low-pressure, high-efficiency environment. So, we created just that.

To use Request Builder, you just go to the site and select Palm Springs as your destination. Then you can see an overview of the area's offerings, as well as a curated list of our recommended activities, venues and dining options in Palm Springs. Just add the options that interest you to your request and then click Submit. From there, we'll take your selections and build a proposal tailored to your group's needs, availability and interests. The whole process is designed to make your job easier and still make sure you end up with a realistic proposal from experts who know the area.

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Local Palm Springs destination management partners

Another key part of who we are at Pure Local Services is our curated local partnerships. We truly believe that memorable corporate events are born from authentic local experiences. If you're going to Palm Springs, then you should experience the best Palm Springs has to offer. Throughout our careers we've developed countless relationships with local vendors so our clients can get a true taste of Palm Springs and our other destinations. And as a bonus, that means partner discounts and exclusive access to locals-only places.

By partnering with Pure Local, you're really partnering with Palm Springs' finest vendors and hosts. And that means you're doing your part to support the local economy and keep Palm Springs going strong. These partnerships are a more sustainable approach to destination management and lets you make a much larger difference than just recycling some bottles during your stay.

You can join our efforts to help our destinations by getting directly involved in the Palm Springs community you visit. We have lots of ways for your group to contribute, so no matter how you like to serve you can be sure it will be both interesting and impactful. For example, you could donate a portion of your program's proceeds to a charity of your choice, join a local sustainability effort like nature restoration or packing lunchboxes, or invite a local expert to speak to your group about important issues in Palm Springs.

And the best part is, our clients have reported higher satisfaction with their events when they take one of these hands-on roles. So not only will your group make a positive difference, but you'll have a good time doing it. We call that a win-win.

A corporate group enjoying a presentation from a local expert

Your Palm Springs destination management company

World-renown as a true paradise, Palm Springs is packed with the full range of activity — from relaxation to high adventure. And with so much on offer, Pure Local Services can help you book the very best this oasis has to offer. We'll help you find the perfect corporate activities, venues and dining in Palm Springs and your group will experience paradise at its very finest.

Corporate activities in Palm Springs

There are so many ways to entertain your group in Palm Springs, but we can help you know where to start. Of course the area is famous for its numerous and beautiful golf courses — and we can tell you which ones are our favorites — but we can help you experience even more of what makes Palm Springs tick. Besides hitting the greens, we have some other ideas on how your group can enjoy Palm Springs' famous sunshine. You could go for a hike in the beautiful surrounding mountain ranges, or opt for a rock-climbing excursion to do some exciting team building. Horseback riding is another popular pastime and we also love to send our clients on an ATV trip to get a good adventure on the itinerary.

We also love to send our clients on unique tours of Palm Springs to give them a taste of the place they're visiting. One of our favorites is the famous aerial tramway where you'll get stunning views of the canyon and a one-of-a-kind ride. Your group might also enjoy an e-bike tour of the city with our local, experienced guide who will show you all the best spots and hidden gems. For something a little more niche, your group might be interested in a local architectural tour. Palm Springs has a distinctive style and vibe and this tour is a fun way to show it off to your group.

Make sure to leave time for your group to enjoy some of the finer points of downtown Palm Springs. Schedule a Paint and Sip experience for a fun group activity or tour some of the area's famous art galleries. Palm Springs is also renown for shopping, so schedule in some downtime for your group to enjoy boutique-hopping and find themselves some great souvenirs. And when you're ready to really bring the fun, then it's time to rent the party bike where your group works together to cruise around Palm Springs with the help of our favorite “captain.”

Whatever your group's level of activity or number of participants, Palm Springs has something everyone will enjoy. Fun in the sun is definitely not hard to come by in this neck of the woods.

 Corporate group enjoying a guided hike in the Palm Springs desert

Corporate event venues in Palm Springs

When you've gathered everyone to Palm Springs for a big event, you've got to find the perfect venue to really make everything shine. Luckily, Palm Springs is not running low on great spaces dripping with ambience.

Palm Springs is where many movie stars have and still do keep a home. So, why not bring that Hollywood glam to your next event? You can put on a showstopping function at a celebrity's luxury villa or glamorous estate. Your guests will love the pop culture connection and have fun exploring well-groomed grounds, swimming in jaw-dropping pools and taking in some truly scenic views.

Another option for a venue that's quintessentially Palm Springs is to host your event at a local museum. Gather your group to a fine arts museum filled with a carefully curated collection they can admire during happy hour. Or, bring them to a vintage airplane hangar with sprawling halls and authentic WWII aircraft. You could also host your event at a desert garden or zoo to bring some wildlife into your nightlife. These incredible venues quickly add prestige to your event and your guests will love the chance to get a private culture experience.

If you came to Palm Springs for the weather, then make sure to explore some of our favorite open-air venues. From a country club with impeccable grounds to a villa complete with a lazy river, your guests will see why Palm Springs is a year-round playground. Or, you might prefer a private golf course at a desert retreat or a Spanish-style venue with incredible outdoor seating.

With all these great options, Palm Springs certainly knows how to do incredible events and we can't wait to make yours one of them. Head over to Request Builder to learn more about these options and see our other local favorites.

A corporate happy hour at a luxury Palm Springs estate

Corporate dining options in Palm Springs

We all know you can't have a great corporate event if your attendees aren't well-fed. And the good news is, Palm Springs has a truly incredible menu, for whatever your tastes are. Here are a few of our favorite options for corporate dining.

If you really love the star-studded legacy of Palm Springs, then we know exactly where to send you. Try the still-chic inn that all the stars used to frequent and make sure you get the scoop from the waitstaff about who sat where and what drama went down here. Or, you could check out one of our favorite elegant eateries with renown chefs who hand-craft delicious cuisine fit for stars.

Though it's not a true coastal town, Palm Springs cuisine is still heavily inspired by the nearby Pacific Rim. You can get to-die-for seafood and cultural favorites at some of our favorite local spots. But, there are plenty of other flavors at play too. Get your group together for modern European cuisine or French-inspired dishes originated by celebrated chefs. Trust us, your group will love the diversity of flavors on offer here.

Palm Springs also has some incredible menus housed in even more incredible spaces (we know — it's hard to believe it's possible). But trust us, we can point you to some of the most elegant bars, iconic color schemes and elegant architecture — and you'll get a great meal out of it too. Check out all our favorites on Request Builder, but don't blame us when your mouth starts watering!

 Corporate dining event at chic Palm Springs outdoor patio

Comprehensive Destination Management

At Pure Local, we're incredibly proud of our nothing-else-like-it Request Builder, our strong belief in local partnerships and our curated lists of places to see, go and dine in Palm Springs. But that's not even everything we have to offer. Besides creating detailed and personalized proposals, we're also experts at site selection and contract negotiation to truly maximize your budget. We're also equipped to handle themed events, décor, entertainment and all the details of any event you can imagine — including all the transportation logistics to make sure travel is handled efficiently.

Our designers are standing by to make your promotional and marketing materials stand out with cohesive and engaging content and design. And our digital team is fully equipped to manage your technology and A/V needs throughout your program.

We also are experts at sponsor and exhibitor management and can help you attract and retain sponsors. We're world-class gift-givers and love to create unique giveaways featuring items from our trusted local vendors to show heartfelt and destination-specific gratitude to your sponsors.

A destination management professional works on a schedule with a meeting planner

At the end of the day, we work hard so your work isn't as hard. We know meeting planning is filled with lots of details and not a lot of appreciation. That's why we're standing by from start to finish to offer industry expertise, local know-how and help throughout the process. We're pleased to offer support in these areas:

  • Curated activities
  • Themed events and décor
  • Transportation and program logistics
  • Staffing
  • Creative design
  • Audio/Visual
  • Gifting, Awards and Amenities
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor Management
  • Site Selection and Contract Negotiation

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A Palm Springs meeting has great potential to be memorable, engaging and productive. We're here to help make sure that happens — as easily as possible. With simple online tools like Request Builder that let you explore curated possibilities for your group, generating a great proposal is easier than ever. With Pure Local by your side, your Palm Springs corporate event is sure to be incredible.